A Mission in London

DSC_0553Let's wind back a little bit to my first day in London last week. Mission: eat meal after meal, until I drop on the ground like a bag stuffed so much that you can't carry it anymore. And Soho is an ideal place for doing this! My friends and I were going to have English breakfast at the Breakfast Club but unfortunately there was still a major line up outside the restaurant at 2pm. So we decided to go restaurant hopping instead: a small pizza lunch at Princi (their tiramisu is pretty good too) and then L'Eto Caffe for more desserts. I remember seeing all the eye candies behind the glass of L'Eto Caffe... and that was how we got lured in.

To our surprise, the matcha cheesecake and raspberry tart that we order are not too sweet. There are some rhubarb garnished on the matcha cheesecake and since I never had rhubarb before, I'm surprised with how good it tastes with sweets. The raspberry tart is also a catcher. The raspberries are all perfectly ripe and adorned with snow white icing sugar, as if they are just picked from a winter garden. Other than pastries, L'Eto also offers a range of savories, coffee and tea. I ordered a jasmine tea with passion fruit and it's really refreshing. DSC_0550


DSC_0562 Bestselling honey cake DSC_0567 DSC_0572 Matcha cheesecake DSC_0574 DSC_0581 I spent some time wandering around in Soho after lunch and I stumbled upon this pair of heart-shaped sunglasses. DSC_0587

DSC_0617 Frozen yogurt at Snog

L'Eto Caffe Soho 155 Wardour Street London, UK W1F 8WG

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